Tuesday, September 30

Handbasket express

Rob vents some frustration:
As a black man this infuriates me. There is no way that an African-American who sounded like Palin would ever be taken seriously. No way. Obama almost had to be a Harvard Law magna cum laude grad just to be plausible, taken seriously. But that very fact makes him an elitist. This country is a complete joke. Please tell me why I shouldn't damn it to hell
Because a few hundred years ago, your ancestors came here in chains. It may take awhile, but this too shall pass. Obama has created the strongest hope yet. Let's hope he can live up to it. But even if he fails to change things for the better, life goes on. Or so we must continue to hope.

They cannot take away your hope. Or if they can, what will there be left, and will it even have mattered?

Deep thoughts today.

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