Thursday, October 2

You spin me right round, Palin, right round

More Douthat:
In the process of performing very, very badly on national television, Palin is holding up a mirror to the rest of the political world, and revealing how the mix of talking points, bluster, obfuscation and BS that nearly all national politicians traffic in as a matter of course sounds when it's filtered through someone who isn't practiced in it, and isn't ready for the spotlight. Her performances reflect badly on her readiness for the vice presidency, no question - but they reflect badly on our whole compromised, spin-happy political class as well.

Sullivan isn't too impressed:
Nice try.

The problem remains Palin's patent lack of even minimal competence in being governor of Alaska, let alone president of the United States - and McCain's total lack of judgment in selecting her. And if you want to see a larger context for the Palin fiasco, you have to understand the Christianist veto that Ross has either trivialized or supported. That's why Lieberman was a non-starter. That's why Pawlenty wasn't enough. They needed a true fundamentalist literalist to bring the base on board.

This is entirely about the abuse of religion as a political tool. Of course it gives you incompetents and demagogues if it's your core criterion for public office. Look at Iran, whose leader is still more open to the American press than Palin is. He's still incompetent. Theology - let alone the know-nothing fundamentalist variety - does not make a good training for politics
I think both have valid points here, though Sullivan's is obviously more relevant to the electoral question and scathing of the motivations behind the selection of Palin. I basically agree with him about this: the reality is evangelicals fundamentalists are excited about voting her because of her faith, not because she meets any reasonable threshhold of competence for the American presidency in a 21st century world.

It's sad that to see what Goldwater's party has been reduced to, especially after the last eight years. May it not last forever.

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