Sunday, October 5

Sarah Palin's insanity

Video from yesterday in California:

"There is a place in hell reserved for women who don't support other women."

The mind reels. Correct quote:

Does Sarah not understand the difference?

Don't stand by while other women are hurting, or you'll burn in hell! (not that I agree with this message, but at least it's sensible rhetoric)


Vote for me because I'm a woman, or you'll burn in hell!

This might be an appropriate place to vomit.

Here's Coates:
Incredible. Sarah Palin's message to undecided women is "Support me, or burn." Is she out of her mind? Has she mistaken Sean Hannity for America? Does she really think this is going to sway women who are on the fence? Does she think Madeline Albright is going to give her cover? Does she have any concern for her own career?

But that isn't even the half. McCain--equally stupid--has somehow gotten it in his head that Palin is an effective attack dog--but she has no credibility, why would anyone believe her? She basically represent a profane, thuggish populism--but nothing else. George Bush had "compassionate conservativism" and "the ownership society." What else do these guys have? They're just running on a kind of tribal neandrathalism--nothing else.

UPDATE: What manner of Christianity is this? I can't talk because I'm not exactly a believer, but seriously--is claiming to know who will burn for eternity Christ-like? If you're a serious Christian isn't this offensive? There's something almost Taliban-like about it. Imagine Barack Obama saying "there's a special place in hell for black peojavascript:void(0)ple who don't support other black people."
I for one am aghast. If the Republican party is trying to lose my vote for the next 2 decades, they're doing a heck of a job by making Sarah Palin their standard-bearer. When will they realize that the nomination of this vacuous, patently unqualified pathological liar is toxic and highly offensive?

If the Republican party is to have any medium-term future, her brand of politics must be disowned ASAP. As they say, you can only put so much lipstick on a pig...

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