Sunday, October 5


I spoke with a Palinite on the phone just now, and the absence of rational thought made me groan. Every one of Obama-Biden's flaws (of which there are plenty, as with all politicians) is magnified out of proportion as a Very Serious Issue, and those of McCain-Palin are ignored or dismissed as being just as bad as the Dems. Even when there's no comparison or the comparison is lopsided.

Basically they plan to vote for McCain-Palin because they identify with Palin as a fellow evangelical fundie, but they won't admit this and instead come up with all sorts of other reasons to excuse this and to demonize the Dems.

For instance, apparently the excesses of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are reasons to be against Barack Obama's candidacy. But the gross excesses of the likes of Bill Frist and Tom Delay, who've been running this country for 8 of the last 10 years -- as well as whatever passes for the current Republican leadership -- count for nothing against McCain-Palin. Apparently. I guess they're really "mavericky".

Also, the "many" reports of Democrats voting twice or registering dead people to vote are a reason to be against them. Republicans trying to disenfranchise people because their houses were foreclosed or threatening them with arrest at the polls for outstanding warrants and tickets count for nothing. Apparently.

I could dig up links to such things, but why bother? There's plenty of dirt to go around in politics. What bothers me is when people harp on the problems with one side while ignoring equal or worse problems with the other and due to their ideology seem to wallow in this ignorance no matter how hard you try to inform them.

People don't seem to understand just how badly their identification with Palin reflects on them.

I get Palin, she's a politician doing what she thinks she has to do even though she's not particularly bright at it. What I don't get is otherwise informed people actually falling for this nonsense...

Sigh...I needed something to cheer me up. Behold the power of a random video.

SanAhn comments:
Dugg for not being about Politics and Palin.

Oh, and for the stop motion love story.

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