Wednesday, October 1

Quotes of the day II

"Whoever is not with me is against me" --Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew 12:30

"You are either with us or against us" --George W. Bush, 2001

Update Google finds a prescient article from October 2001, which is years ahead of me in putting this together:
I'll leave the meaning of that one to the theologians. In secular usage, though, the point seems to be that thought breeds irresolution. Don't tell me you are serious about fighting crime if you're not willing to suspend — just for a while — the Bill of Rights. Don't pretend you really oppose terrorism if you're entertaining second thoughts about the carpet-bombing calculated to render the Taliban vulnerable to its Afghan enemies.

...The people who insist on a suspension of thought aren't necessarily bad people. Their nightmare is of the growing influence of "peace" advocates — appeasers, in their lexicon — who are capable of understanding why terrorism thrives. My nightmare is of American action so brutal and arrogant and indiscriminate that it creates their nightmare.
Goodness gracious, go read the whole thing. And someone give this guy a medal.

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