Monday, October 13

Latest Obanomics proposals

From this morning, Ambers has the scoop:

1. A $3000 per-job tax credit for small businesses that create new jobs over the next few years.

2. Tax-penalty free withdrawals from retirement accounts

3. 90-day foreclosure moratorium for homeowners acting in good faith. (This isn't exactly a proposal that Obama previously decried -- what he objected to was a five year freeze in subprime adjustable mortgage rates.)

4. A new government lending facility to provide cash to states and municipal governments.

The first one really jumps out: it's a corporate tax cut, on the order of $100B/year. That's traditional Republican turf. But it's tied to job creation, a metric Democrats and economists tend to focus on. Brilliant!

Neocons and NROites who keep insisting that Obama is an extreme leftist who won't govern from the center look pretty foolish to me.

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