Monday, October 13

It gets funnier

Malkin is once again concerned:
There’s another outbreak of campaign-induced rage to report. Dissent has been stifled. Free speech is under assault.
This time it's about a hotel marquee for McCain-Palin in an area with many democrats, who demanded a boycott of the hotel.

Apparently, boycotting an institution which displays an ad you feel disrespects your views is campaign-induced rage and an assault on free speech. Oh the humanity....

Memo to hotel and other business owners: Don't display political ads if you don't want your clientele to react politically. Yes yes, whodathunk?


So, I'm guessing Malkin isn't actually concerned about an assult on free-speech here, she's just worried about the double standard -- hate from the right gets covered more, apparently.

But seriously, Malkin is comparing a candidate's supporters' boycott of a hotel to other candidates accusing their opponent of "palling around with terrorists" and thus fomenting the narrative that he's a supporter of arab islamist terror.

I suppose in Malkin's world that's a fair comparison, but I prefer planet Earth.

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