Friday, January 15

Scott Brown for Senate

Not that anyone in Massachusetts cares about my endorsement, but what the hey. It takes some ego to blog, so I'll throw it out here.

I like E.D. Kain's assessment:
All told, Brown strikes me as the right sort of leader for the Republican party of 2010. Not exactly a social conservative, but not particularly liberal either, he represents the larger middle on social issues. On economics he is a fiscal conservative, and he doesn’t seem particularly hawkish beyond the standard, boiler-plate support for Israel. On abortion he makes a great deal of sense, and on healthcare I think he could potentially be a strong ally of some bi-partisan legislation in the future should the current bill fail.

Quite frankly – though it’s far too early to say – I think he’s presidential material. He’s good looking, confident, well spoken, with strong conservative credentials and sensible, moderate social positions. He’s certainly strikes me as more down to earth than Mitt Romney.
Andrew correctly points out that Brown's Op-Ed contains absurdities. Sure, that's political salesmanship for you. But essentially I think he can do a lot of good for moderates as a Republican senator beholden to constituents in a very liberal state.

And FiveThirtyEight looked at the numbers and sees Scott Brown is a liberal Republican...
[..] two thirds of other Massachusetts Republican state legislators were more conservative than he was. This is evidence for my claim that he’s a liberal even in his own party. What’s remarkable about this is the fact that Massachusetts Republicans are the most, or nearly the most, liberal Republicans in the entire country!
So think of Maine's Snowe and Collins...that's the sort of sensible northeast Republican senator we can expect him to be. It'll be interesting if he becomes a presidential contender eventually.


  1. oh jeebus christos. good to see that voting against 9/11 workers , allying himself with Rudy Giuliani , supporting parental notification before students can attend gay groups in school , and voting for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage is enough to win your support

  2. I really don't get the 9/11 obsession.

    I don't see a problem with parental guardians being notified about a school's gay groups or any other such school groups, if they so wish.

    He's since said marriage is a state issue, which is about the best you can expect from a mainstream Republican.

  3. P.S. Gherald, your new favorite hunk, Scott Brown SUPPORTS TORTURE:

    He told reporters a few days ago that he endorsed the use of "enhanced interrogation techniques" on terrorism suspects, including waterboarding.

    Good call.

  4. I already knew this and certainly don't defend it, but it's sadly become mainstream Republicanism. Thankfully with Obama in office Scott Brown's position matters little.

    But also his Democratic opponent Ms. Coakley is a prosecutor with a worse record on human rights.

    The call is indeed good.

  5. ah, and down the rabbit hole you go. no what what horrible views this guy has, as long as he can stick it to those free-spending dems, right? sigh...

  6. Nope. For instance if Scott Brown had all the same horrible views as, say, Rush Limbaugh, I would not support him.


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