Wednesday, January 13

Five reasons why libertarians shouldn't hate government

Reason takes a look.

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  1. American children are taught that the speedy “wabbit” wastes time and energy accomplishing little, while the plodding turtle gets the job done, ultimately. I get the sense this means the plodding bureaucracy, the community, proves superior in the end when compared with the individual interest pursued by the “wabbit.” To the kids, Obama and the plodding turtle are related, while the self-interest pursuing creative types are muddying the pure waters of society and its needs. The “wabbit” makes waves, leaves a wake, drops pebbles in the placid pond, and supposedly never gets anything done. The “wabbit” is an Ayn Rand character, like the entrepreneurs in America who create all the jobs the turtle ignores as he slowly plods along doing the same thing the elite rulers have always done in the Old World, making war on “wabbits.”


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