Saturday, January 16

The new marijuana majority

Andrew updates us:
In California and Washington State, full legalization is now looking more and more likely:
The Washington state legislature will hold a preliminary vote Wednesday on whether to sell pot in state liquor stores, though even its authors say the bill is unlikely to pass. The same day in California, backers of a well-funded ballot measure to legalize marijuana are expected to file more than enough signatures to put the initiative before state voters in November.
Activists have also been busy in Washington state, with one group filing a marijuana-legalization initiative last Monday to put the issue on the November ballot. Activists in Oregon, meanwhile, say they have collected more than half of the signatures they need by July to allow a vote on whether the state should set up a system of medical-marijuana dispensaries.
It's coming in the nation's capital as well. And the polls are shifting swiftly in favor:
According to an Angus Reid poll, 53 percent of Americans are now in favor of legalizing marijuana. A further 68 percent of respondents said that the war on drugs has been a “failure.”

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  1. Man, this isn't news. This war is almost over. I've been "busted" by the cops three times in just the last 2 months for weed in Michigan and got a citation to appear in court. Got there and they just blew me off. I sat there while everyone went before the judge for an araignment but then nothing happened. I'm smoking it with salvia right now. Right as I typed that. I cant even see exactly what I'm typing. Yet I function so well, it's amazing. Anyway, the war on drugs fueled a major industry in law enforcement and prisons just as so called mental illness fuels a major industry by making life issues a medical matter. Anyway, love you. Please don't delete this one. ~~~~Peace


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