Thursday, October 16

Republican winter

David Frum gets it:
Trouble is, by founding his campaign on a full supply-side message, McCain denied himself the opportunity to say anything new. Worse, because that message originally took shape as a (correct) response to the problems of the 1970’s, McCain’s attempt to dust it off and reuse it as a response to the very different problems of the 2010’s only made him look more out of date.

That’s not a failure of campaign tactics. It’s not even a failure of strategy. It’s a failure of the Republican Party and conservative movement to adapt to the times.
This is probably what's cost the Republicans the most votes this election cycle, but the failure is at least understandable/excusable. Changing a movement is hard.

There are of course many other problems with Republicanism in general and Bushism in particular, most of them not so excusable, but they're not as significant electorally. (the Palin pick, of course, is one such inexcusable thing)

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