Tuesday, October 14

Prescience or lack thereof

Ross Douthat and Jonah "Liberal Fascism" Goldberg had a chat about Palin before her convention speech, way back on September 2nd. This bit stands out to me:
R.D.: I think the mainstream-media coverage — from cable to the newspapers — has been more or less what I would have expected: You have an unknown politician with an unusual background bursting onto the national stage, and it isn't a surprise that the personal aspects of Palin's persona have taken center stage. I think the biggest problem with the mainstream coverage has been the oft-stated assumption that Palin's daughter's pregnancy is going to cost her social-conservative support … I think it displays an incredibly blinkered understanding of social conservatives in general, and especially how American evangelicalism has evolved over the past few decades. Sarah Palin is going to be a folk heroine to religious conservatives for years to come, regardless of how her candidacy plays out. As for the online coverage — the blogs and message boards and so on — I think it's been astonishing in its hysteria, its conspiracy-mongering, etc. There's been a real down-the-rabbit-hole quality to a lot of what's been written.
It's all good up until the last two sentences. I too was a little alarmed by the hysteria when it began, but it's turned out to be justified.

As Sullivan has determined, Sarah Palin is a pathological liar even if half of those inconsistencies can be explained away.

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