Tuesday, October 14

Obama fundraising email

I get at least a couple of these a week, asking me for $25 in various creative ways, but this latest one actually made me tad proud:
Gherald --

You were one of the first 100,000 people to own a piece of this campaign. You provided the strength needed to build a movement.

Back then, few pundits or insiders thought we had a chance. But thanks to you, we overcame steep odds. Twenty months later, millions of Americans all across the country have joined you, working for change.

But in these final three weeks, our opponents are signaling they will do whatever they can to distract voters and distort the truth, so we need to redouble our efforts
One of the first 100,000 of 3 million! Twenty months ago... should I feel special?

Heh. Sorry sirs -- I was glad to help against Hillary in the primaries, but I think you folks have got McCain beat and are outspending him 3-1; you don't need my chump change. Nice try though.

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