Wednesday, October 1

A new species?

Jay Nordlinger, self-deprecating neocon:
Would you like to know something that will really peg me as Joe Neocon? I have an Israeli flag, too, at home. Ain’t flying — but it’s in a drawer somewhere. Got it in the Tel Aviv airport, I think. (You know I have to go there every few months, to get my instructions.

I have other flags too — including an Albanian one. I guess that still leaves me in “neocon” territory, because the Albanians are wildly pro-American. But I have a Greek flag, too — and ain’t no one more anti-American than the Greeks. So that makes me kind of cool, doesn’t it?)
Wow. A neo deliberately poking fun at themselves and succeeding. I like it! I know it becomes easier once the race has opened up and you're not so on edge, but still: credit where credit is due. I look forward to more.

Being capable of reasonably-amusing self-deprecation correlates strongly with intellectual honesty.

He goes on:
Hugh Hewitt asked Palin whether her son in Iraq had phoned her. She answered, “That little stinker — I guess he’s called his girlfriend a couple of times, but can you believe he hasn’t called his mama yet?” Absolutely charming, in my view.
Yes, that's adorable. Seriously. Not at all relevant to the presidential question of course, but as per Coates we must view her as the human being she is.

Contra the left-wingnuts, she is not the devil. She's just grossly unqualified for the job, and not a little dishonest when it comes to issues relevant to the campaign.

But seems like a nice person, otherwise.... I'm not hateful, I just want what's right. And at this point, we all know a Palin presidency would be disastrous. For everyone, including Palin and her supporters and family and everyone she knows or cares about....

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