Thursday, October 2

Meh debate

==First half==

Palin wins on early style, I think she seemed much more appealing than in those interviews in which she couldn't anticipate the questions.

But Biden wins on substance, i.e. if you just read the debate transcripts of the first half and don't watch the video.

However, the threshold for both these "wins" really wasn't good: the other person just did even worse, some cases much worse.

So overall, a pretty unimpressive first half.

==Second half==

Biden established his footing and clearly won several rounds in the third quarter. However, it wore off towards the fourth and they both became "meh" for a bit again.

LOL, she wants to preside over the Senate? Goodness gracious, no one wants to do that, all you get to do is listen unless there is a 50-50 tie.

I loved Biden's answer on Cheney. As I've said from the start, he is the anti-Cheney and one who will restore honor to the office.

I think Palin is coming off way too folksy now. She lost the severity that she had in the first half, which was much more appealing to me.

Biden's "I understand, I understand" speech about being a single parent worrying about his kids was very, very moving...Palin's chirpy follow-up about McCain's accomplishment was incredibly tone-deaf, it was if she hadn't listened to a word he was saying.

Indeed, throughout the night it was clear from watching CNN's ticker that the more Palin spoke about McCain, the less people liked what she was saying. It bodes pretty bad for the election when you are incapable of building up enthusiasm for your own running mate.

Joe Biden, basically: "Everyone is sent here for a reason, don't question their motive, question their actions." Well-delivered.

Palin: Rambling chirpiness about clear choices, I couldn't make heads or tails of it.

Palin's closing: Invocation of Reagan, but of course, that went over well. I'm not sure what she said mattered substantively, but it sounded good, and must have been effective for some.

Biden's closing: Started dull, invoked change which of course plays well, but delivery was underwhelming. He could have done much better and been more enthusiastic and rousing for change in his closing. A lost opportunity, I think, but it was probably Sarah's presence that kept him low-key. He didn't want to appear unstable.


How this will play in the polls I'm not sure. Palin's folksy appeal may put some life back into her ticket, but I'm skeptical. I know it doesn't move me given what I know about her off-script incompetence. (did you notice how many of her answers were just being read off notecards, especially the foreign policy?)

Biden I can't help being somewhat excited for. He's uneven as a debater, but I think he'll be great in too many ways to list as the anti-Cheney who repairs foreign relations for the better instead of destroying them as Cheney did.

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