Saturday, October 18

God damn America!

Or something.

The fact Malkin seems to be missing is that it's possible to be pro-America yet against some of the things America has done, such as the Iraq War.

Now I'm not excusing all or even mosts of those images she posts -- some of them are obvious kooks -- but we know we can find kooks everywhere (heck, Malkin is a kook herself).

The issue is whether there are "parts of America" -- at the city, county, or even state level -- which are "anti-America", as opposed to the places Sarah Palin visited and characterized as being "pro-America".

My take is that both Palin and Biden are engaging in hyperbole. Palin is saying parts of America aren't patriotic because they don't support George W. Bush's policies, and Biden is saying that everyone is just as patriotic as everyone else.

Neither of them is being accurate, though Biden's claim is more reasonable on the merits. But it's really all pointless political rhetoric designed to rouse their supporters at rallies.

That said, Palin has taken neo-McCarthyism to unacceptable levels, and some of her supporters in congress have gone way beyond the pale.

Please join me in supporting Bachmann's opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg. Small donations like $50 that come from tens of thousands of people on the internet can go a long way in advancing a challenger's name recognition in these small congressional races.

Kooks with protest signs and blogs I can stomach. Kooks in office: not so much, not when we have a shot at kicking one out.

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