Saturday, October 18

From the digging-your-own-grave dept.

McCain Sr. policy advisor: Northern Virginia not "real" Virginia:

Go ahead and mentally color the state a slightly deeper shade of blue...Yglesias waxes:
Of course it’s true that there’s a contrast between those portions of Virginia that are part of Metro DC and the rest of the state and probably correct to say that the rest of Virginia is “more Southern in nature.” But still, lots of folks live in Northern Virginia. They’re perfectly real people. And they live in real places. And progressive candidates with their base in NoVa won the governor’s mansion in 2001 and 2005 and the Senate election in 2006, are poised to win the state’s other Senate seat in 2008 and currently are winning in the presidential sweepstakes. It all seems real enough to me.
If he loses Virginia, McCain has to win a blue state like Minnesota or Pennsylvania plus hold on to all of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Missouri. He cannot win otherwise.

Memo to the McCain campaign: you're supposed to pander to independent, swingable voters, not give them the impression that you think where they live "isn't real" or "doesn't count as real", etc.

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