Friday, October 17

Annals of voter fraud

Matthew Yglesias gives his anecdote on moving but being unable to register. He's therefore voting at his old polling place.

Myself, I'm registered to vote at a place where I've never lived. I registered years ago with a friend who (falsely) vouched for my living at her address, since it was easier than getting a copy of my lease or utility bill. I have since voted there in 3 elections, and will keep doing so since it's easier than moving registration to my current address, the polling station of which is actually more distant.

This is why things like the Ohio Republican party's attempt to sue the Secretary of State to match voter addresses with DMV records is such a transparent attempt to disenfranchise voters. Heck, I haven't lived at my driver's license's address for six years. Which I figure should be fine, since I don't drive.

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