Friday, March 12

Petraeus to New Hampshire

Interesting, to say the least.

Yes I am wary of how this country glorifies military service, but that doesn't mean I'd be willing to take the opposite position and regard his service with distaste. I think that sort of prejudice is uncalled for, even if many of his supporters (unfortunately) over-value it.

What does interest me is he seems like a thoughtful, intelligent man without the malice of Cheney, and who could bring the party of Bush-Palin some much-needed gravitas.

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  1. I agree with this post. Petraeus has always struck me as a thoughtful and serious man. The GOP would do better with more like him. I think he'd be better advised to wait until 2016 if he's actually interested, though, as I think the politics of a general running against an incumbent president would look really bad. I can only think of McClellan vs. Lincoln and McClellan lost that one.


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