Tuesday, November 9

Good news I suppose

Reihan Salam directs us to the latest UN Human Development Index statistics:
1. Norrway (4,676,305)
2. Australia (21,515,754)
3. New Zealand (4,252,277)
4. United States (310,232,863)
5. Ireland (4,622,917)
6. Liechtenstein (35,002)
7. Netherlands (16,783,092)
8. Canada (33,759,742)
9. Sweden (9,074,055)
10. Germany (82,282,988)
I won't pretend to know what this really means, but apparently the US is doing well.

Political theorist Jacob Levy tweeted (in jest)
New Human Development Index released. Wasn't HDI's whole purpose to have Canada and Sweden outrank US? Fail.
Hah. I suppose progressives can try to praise health care reform (though it hasn't taken effect and has nothing to do with these numbers yet).

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