Sunday, September 19

Sir Ian McKellen at the anti-pope march in London

Ok, not quite.

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  1. This has nothing to do with this, I'm leeching off the golf course across the street with 56k speed and just went through my old external HD. I think I know why I'm a drunk now. last modified: April 14, 2001, a man having his head stomped in for not having a long enough beard, March 21 2004, a woman being stripped naked and stoned to death in a crowd of people supposedly for dating someone she wasn't supposed to, with people ironically jumping in to cover her genitals during the stoning. February 19 2001, a man being beaten to death with what looks like a cinder block also for not having a long enough beard. November 2001, five men having their limbs amputated, all five lost a hand, one lost both and three lost a foot, supposedly for theft. All this, of course, in the middle east. Islam. The so called religion of peace that is terrorizing Europe right now. It's no wonder I turned to a drunk. I need some more Jack Daniels right now.


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