Monday, September 20

Headline of the Day

"O'Donnell: No Witchcraft Since High School"


  1. That was funny, but I was sickened and enraged at the story about a religious wacko being involuntarily committed. I despise psychiatry. I liked one guys comment on that article, though. Something along the lines of "Why not just go ahead and spend another 2 millions CA tax dollars the next time they go on vacation."

  2. the funny part about all the coverage of a lot of the wacky shit she says is that everyone avoids the clear implication that she's a pathological liar that will make any random shit up to make a point.

    the context in which she made the comment makes it bleedingly obvious that she was trying to ham-handedly use a Manipulation 101 tactic: "Show your enemies a failing with which they can empathize." E.g. A big drug crusader may say "Well, I smoked pot in college..." or O'Donnell may say that she experimented with witchcraft (and that her first date was on a satanic altar) - because in HER mind, that was like SOOO counterculture!

    amazing how fundamentalist christian forget about the whole bearing false witness thing.

  3. I'm getting bored and disintersed with you. Why haven't you added anything lately? I would guestimate that one in ten of your posts are great, at least in the sense that I like them and would never find them otherwise. BTW I'm Mitho, I don't bother to make an acct cause 99% of the time I just browse.

    But seriously, man; get going! I've been waiting days for another post!


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