Friday, October 9

Homosexuals in Uniform

Andrew notes:
It has long been true that lesbians have suffered disproportionally under DADT. This last year was no exception:
In fiscal year 2008, the Air Force dismissed 56 women and 34 men. In addition, the Army removed more women under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy at a greater rate than men when compared with the ratio of women to men in each service. Of those discharged under the policy, 36 percent were women, although women make up only 14 percent of troops in the Army, the data showed.
This is to be expected, since the military tends to attract butch people.

A gay dude is marginally less likely to join the military than a straight man.

While a lesbian is marginally more likely to join than a straight woman.

So of course there are going to be more women than men suffering from DADT, relative to the male/female ratio of all personnel.

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