Wednesday, September 16

Factoid of the day

Eight percent of poll respondents in New Jersey think Obama is the Anti-Christ.  A further thirteen percent aren't sure

Among Republicans, fourteen percent think so, with fifteen not sure. That's 29% of Republicans who think there's at least a possibility he's the Anti-Christ.

I suppose it makes sense for Obama-messiahism to be paired with countervailing anti-messiahism.  I wonder what comparable figures were for GWB five or six years ago...


  1. "I suppose it makes sense for Obama-messiahism to be paired with countervailing anti-messiahism."

    oh, jeebus freaking christopher. "Obama-messiahism" was and is a complete and utter piece of wingnut-manufactured nonsense while "Obama is (or might be) the Anti-Christ" is something that millions of insane fucktards actually believe (or almost believe).

    there is no parallel to be drawn. groan.

  2. In my experience, the right is more inclined toward actual Messianism. There were (and perhaps still are?) many conservatives who believed that George W. Bush was sent personally by Jesus Christ to be president. I've personally known some of them. While many liberals have indeed idealized/solipsized Obama for whatever reason, I see this phenomenon as something very, very different than literally believing the president to be a prophet. I doubt there are many on the left who see Obama this way.

  3. It wouldn't be as high as that 14%, but it may be close.

    They of course won't answer a poll saying he literally is Jesus. And few conservatives believed GWB really was a prophet.

    But plenty of liberals think (or once thought) of Obama as a larger than life savior, just as conservatives thought of Bush that way.

  4. pish tosh, gherald. you'd get the standard 1-2% of people who would tell the pollster that we live on mars or that the earth is made out of baby tears. there is simply no sizable group of anyone on the left who actually believed or believes that Obama is some quasi-godlike figure meant to lead them out of egypt, or whatever. it's a false equivalence of the highest order, especially considering that there are **millions** of americans who honestly and truly believe that Obama is the epic Evil known as the anti-christ who's here to bring about the end of the world in a biblical fashion. tosh tosh tosh


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