Wednesday, December 9

Take the logic further

Senate Democrats have reached a "broad agreement" on a health reform bill, Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday night — a plan that would replace the public option in the current Senate bill with a new national insurance plan offered by private insurers, and a chance for older Americans to “buy in” to Medicare.
How about also giving the rest of us a chance to opt out of Medicare?

I would gladly free the state from my future Medicare entitlements in exchange for being allowed the courtesy of keeping my own damn wages.

Why do progressives want to give us the option to opt in to more government insurance, but never out of it? And tell me again how these expansions of government health insurance are something other than incrementalism towards single-payer Medicare-for-all?

Anyhow, to the first part of the agreement: private national (as opposed to state-specific) insurance plans sounds great to me.

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